We are band from Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav established in 2019. Our first live show took place in 2020. 

The band consist of four people playing guitar, keyboards, bass and drums.


Our repertoire has no limits. 

We play everything from jazz to funk all the way to soft-rock or hard rock. 

Covers of various genres and artists complement our own songs.



In September 2021, our first official funky single ‘Melon’ was released with a music video,

 followed up with another, but completely different release later that month called ‘Dirty Woman’.

Vojtěch Špitálský

Year of manufacture: 2002

Instrument: Guitar and Vocals

Paradox: He has little knowledge of music theory, but he’s able to figure out almost everything by ear

Martin Zítek

Year of manufacture: 2002

Instrument: Bass guitar

Paradox: It’s our laziest member of the band, but when something gets intense, he can make progress which would take 10 years for others to catch up with it

Vojta Beránek

Year of manufacture: 2003

Instrument: Drums and Vocals

Paradox: He has no problems with polyrhythms and irrational rhythms. Multiplication table is sometimes a problem for him though

Daniel Maršík

Year of manufacture: 2001

Instrument: Keys and Vocals

Paradox: Although he never attended music college, he knows and plays with music theory like somebody with a music degree